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Herk's Geeky World

-a fangirl's life

22 July 1978
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That's me:

I'm a more or less typical fan-girl.
I'm sharing my flat with two good friends, who are role-playing geeks, too. So we named our little community "Freakhausen".
I play RPG's (for twelve years now), I'm a game-master, I read (mostly fantasy/sci-fi), I write fanfic, I draw, I like to sing (although I'm not that good at it), I love to watch tv-series on DVD and I enjoy the occasional horror/splatter movie.
I have studied mathematics and physics in Bonn, Germany to become a teacher, then found out that it wasn't the job for me. Now I'm mostly living and trying to figure out what to do with my life in my spare time.

Now I'm starting a blog because everybody does these days, we'll see what comes out of it...

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